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Supporting founders to deliver high-growth

Businesses demand a lot from their founders; we can help you fast-track your skills to meet the ever-evolving needs of your business.


The fact is that experienced founders have a significantly higher chance of success. Which is difficult to hear if you have just founded your first business. 


A 60-year-old founder is
more likely to build a successful start-up than a 30-year-old.
(Kellogg Insight, 2018)
2nd or 3rd time founders
are seen as ‘better’, more investable, and more successful than 1st time founders.
(Kellogg Insight, 2018)
Why is that?

Because experience matters. 

Which is why founder support and development should be a critical part of your growth journey. 

What is Founder Support?

Becoming a successful founder can be difficult both personally and professionally, and achieving this status demands personal growth.

Led by Executive Coach Grace Ong, we will support you to deliberately and consciously develop yourself to meet the evolving needs of your business.

We provide founders and their teams with a safe, neutral space to be honest and to talk about the elephant in the room, to discuss challenges, to align and reach decisions. We give time to reflect and crystallise your ideas before jumping headlong based on a gut-feel. Through our experience we can help you by acting as both advisor and sounding board, and to deliberate options with experienced executive coaches.

Our coaches will help you identify your goals and work towards them. We help you develop your own personal leadership style and build the confidence to make and trust your choices. 

Founder support services include:

Ready to grow to meet the needs of your start-up?

Fast-track the process of becoming an experienced founder. Learn from the experience of others, avoid the pitfalls and develop strategies to make the right call first time.

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