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High value companies have strong ESG strategies

ESG is now a 'must do'. Stakeholders - from consumers, to investors and regulators - are increasingly demanding that businesses transparently and ethically deliver benefits to people and planet in their pursuit of profit.


What is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. It’s a framework used by investors to measure the non-financial and ethical value creation and sustainability of businesses.

This framework covers:


Climate change, natural resources, pollution and waste, environmental opportunities.


Human capital, product liability, stakeholder opposition, social opportunities.


Corporate governance, corporate behaviour, trustworthy methods and decision making.


ESG-oriented investing has experienced a meteoric rise.
Global sustainable investment now tops $30 trillion
(Kellogg Insight, 2018)
85% of investors considered ESG factors
 in their investments in 2020.
(Gartner, 2021)

Why is ESG so important?

There is a huge ground swell towards ESG; make no mistake, this megatrend is not going anywhere.

Recent events - from climate-change triggered disaster to inequality-fuelled social unrest - are driving growth in demand for businesses, processes and products that are beneficial for both the climate and society.

At VÖR we focus on how ESG can enhance our founders’ companies economics and their reputations in the eyes of both their customer base and potential investors.

Brand and reputation

Let’s think about your customer. As a whole consumers are increasingly demanding more from businesses they choose to buy from. Those brands which do harm are regularly dropped in favour of those with stronger ethics. Every year the spending power and influence of Generation Z is growing, and for this generation brand morality and reputation matter more than ever. They are prepared to pay more for brands which do good.

Returns and profitability 

Positive ESG engagement is not just good for your company’s reputation. It can be positive for your economics as well. If you can deliver a positive contribution to society or the environment, it doesn’t only make your customers happy it can also change the nature of their relationship with you; increasing average revenue per customer and reducing churn. Both of these are good for your economics and your valuation.

Regulators and fines

Currently regulators look positively upon businesses who take their ESG seriously. However, the trend is towards ESG becoming a ‘must have’ for regulators in the achievement of licences and avoidance of fines. As the EU/UN sustainability agenda grows there will be increasing benefits to those who seriously engage and those who do not will be penalised.

Investors and impact

There is a big shift towards impact investing. Investors realise the value ESG brings to business in terms of lower risk and higher returns. More and more investors are alive to this in terms of their own altruistic impact AND the business benefits.

Productivity uplift

A strong ESG proposition can help companies attract and retain the best employees, enhance motivation and increase productivity.

Cost reduction

A strong focus on the environment and sustainability can lead to a significant increase in the resource efficiency of a business and therefore to the reduction of cost.

Our ESG service to founders

We ensure founders recognise the value of engaging with sustainable development and ESG, weaving it into the fabric of their business from an early stage. This involves supporting innovators to develop their own ESG strategy; one which which aligns with their business and their beliefs.

ESG and our purpose at VÖR

VÖR maps all client projects to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The work we do links most commonly to the achievement of Goal 8, specifically goal 8.3. 

UN Global Sustainability Goals
Goal 8

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. 

Goal 8.3

Promote development-oriented policies that support productive activities, decent job creation, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, and encourage the formalisation and growth of micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises, including through access to financial services.

We always work proactively with our founders to help them consider whether there are angles relating to other SDGs that can further deliver on their ESG promises.

At VÖR, we set ourselves our own ambitious ESG targets and are working towards achieving B-Corp status for our business too.

Value and impact with strong ESG propositions

ESG is no longer a 'nice-to-have'. Strong business propositions must now be backed by impactful ESG strategies. Make ESG part of your purpose from the get-go.

Take the lead on ESG