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Investment Round support

Successfully secure funding

Cash flow is often high on the list of reasons for business failure. Therefore, securing the right investment at the right time is crucial to success.


The harsh reality is that capital investment rounds are complex and difficult to navigate.

Investors need to see so much more than just a great idea.

Our experienced funding and investment experts will support you in shaping your pitch and developing your business to become the business investors are literally fighting over.   


Less 20%
of European start-ups reach series A within 3 years of seed round
(Dealroom, 2019)
The jump between seed to Series A is known as
The Valley of Death

What does this support look like?

Founders have varying levels of experience and understanding of the investment round process and how it works.

Below are examples of how the VÖR team could help you develop the funding strategy that suits your business and your longer-term aspirations.

Understanding the bigger picture: we believe that a clear understanding of your longer-term objectives is fundamental to getting your early and medium-term investment strategy right. Our first step is always to ensure that founders have a clear understanding of how the overall funding process works and how to align their expectations and aspirations with it.

Investor types: Which type of investor you approach at which point are key determinants of a successful future outcome. Structures you put in place today will have a material impact on the attractiveness of your business to others later on. We will help you identify the right types of investor and develop your understanding of their motivations and the risks that they bring.

Capturing investor attention: To get investment, you need to get a meeting. To win that all-important first meeting requires you to convey all the key elements they look for in less than four minutes. VÖR’s well structured framework helps founders target those elements and structure them in way that increases the chances of gaining traction.

Negotiating successfully: A successful investment round requires you to negotiate an outcome that works for both you and your incoming investors. With the benefit of significant experience from both sides of the table - as successful entrepreneurs and professional buy-side investors -  VÖR ensures that you understand the key drivers of that successful outcome as well as the potential pitfalls of structures that incoming investors may try and impose on you.

Successfully pitch for investment

With significant experience as both professional buy-side investors and entrepreneurs, we know what it takes to land serious investment from the best investors.