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Growth Services

Owner managed support services

Ongoing strategic and expert support where you want it to scale internationally and to continue your progress through series B and beyond.

Most suitable for
Established businesses

Which are robustly structured, with plans for further expansion. Your business will already have strong teams, expert governance and efficient systems enabling you to push into new markets and continue to scale.

What does this support look like?

Working with VÖR will have brought you to the point where your business is a strong, stand-alone entity and a well-known brand.

Our senior growth team will remain accessible, providing support when you need it. This may include: on-going leadership coaching support, governance and strategy advisory or input into key decision-making.

Having governed and led both private and publicly listed companies, our strategic team members can ensure you make the right moves to challenge and win at the highest levels.

Work at this stage can include:

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