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High-growth support

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VÖR supports ambitious founders seeking high-growth. Faster, more easily, with less risk.


Specialist support

There are three key areas we believe businesses and their founders need specialist support throughout their journey. Getting these right in today's market is critical to success.

As a founder outsource your operational burdens to us. Our cost-effective, joined-up services plug easily into your business so you can focus on driving revenue.

Most suitable for
Early stage – imminently pre-seed to series A businesses

Your business has a proven prototype and service model, a business plan, a base of customers and is generating revenue. Often businesses in this phase of life will be a few months away from embarking on their first official equity raising round known as ‘seed – stage’, now is the time to get VÖR on your team.

What does this support look like?

We have curated a range of services essential to the running of your business. There is no longer any need to outsource operations to multiple companies, nor to take on the burden of permanent staff too soon. Our joined-up approach delivers efficient and cost-effective operations for your business.

Across series A and B growth stages the VÖR growth team - working dynamically with our managed services and specialist networks - will help build your business internally to your unique blueprint for rapid scale.  

Most suitable for
Businesses in the growth stage

Which have already sourced their first round of venture capital or external investment. To be ripe for this service your business must have a proven product, recurring revenue and a huge growth appetite.

What does this support look like?

We will build your business from the inside, enabling you to transition to robust independence, whilst ensuring your business has all the elements the best investors expect. Our team will get your business ready.

Ready to raise, to expand, to scale, to go it alone, to exit.

Work at this stage can include:

The support your business needs at this stage of its life is more strategically focussed.

Most suitable for
Established businesses

Which are robustly structured with plans for further expansion. Your business will already have strong teams, expert governance and efficient systems enabling you to push into new markets and continue to scale.

What does this support look like?

Working with VÖR will have brought you to the point where your business is a strong, stand-alone entity and a well-known brand.

Our senior growth team will remain accessible, providing support when you need it. This may include: on-going leadership coaching support, governance and strategy advisory or input into key decision-making.

Having governed and led both private and publicly listed companies, our strategic team members can help you make the right moves to challenge and win at the highest levels. 

Work at this stage can include:

Successful founders surround themselves with the best

Be the business investors are fighting over by surrounding yourself with our high calibre VÖR growth team. We will support you every step of the way.

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