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John Dickinson

John Dickinson

High level hires and team selection
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I am an entrepreneur, people person and investor. I LOVE to build successful businesses.

The reality in the UK is that only 40% of businesses survive to the end of year three. Which I find a completely avoidable and heart-breaking statistic.

Experience matters

The VÖR concept has been percolating in my mind over several years; borne of the knowledge that experience in founding and building businesses is key to success. Research shows that a 60-year-old founder is 3 times more likely to build a successful start-up than a founder in their 30’s (Kellogg Insight, 2018).

Which means that the most successful founders either have significant experience or cleverly surround themselves with people who do – OR BOTH!

I have spent 20 years working within senior level recruitment and talent management in the worlds of corporate finance, venture capital and private equity. Working with that most valuable element of a business – people.

Right person, right fit, right place, right time

In the early days of my career I realised that recruitment is not really about matching skills to roles, it is about the fact that people are the most valuable ‘asset’ a business could have. And that the real magic of recruitment is in ensuring a business finds the right person, who is the right fit and can put them in the right place, at the right time.

Through VÖR I have brought together a high value team of professionals - from investment round strategists to governance specialists to marketing and digital experts - with vast experience of driving business success and a unique alchemy. The VÖR Growth Team is dedicated to helping ambitious founders and their businesses to thrive through the key stages of growth – seed to series B and beyond.

Together we work with founders to power businesses to deliver high-growth; faster, more easily with less risk.

Speak to me today about getting the VÖR Growth Team on your team.

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