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Alex Homan

Alex Homan

Corporate venture investment strategist
Financing strategy, ESG and investor pitch design
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As a former professional venture investor, I’ve seen many pitches that fail to capture a professional investor’s attention and relatively few that nail it first go. I’ve also seen plenty of processes fail because founders become blinded by the short-term win, rather than thinking about the longer game. With the benefit of hindsight, I will help you structure a path for longer term success.  

Focus on what a buy-side investor needs to see

At VÖR, I focus on developing a founder’s understanding of the overall financing process. I start by helping founders clarify in their minds what they want to achieve with their business. We then design a framework that can achieve their desires over multiple funding rounds. I guide the development of your pitch to ensure that you succinctly convey all of the elements that a buy-side investor will look for, while avoiding those that will raise a red flag. 

Delivering on founder aspirations

I’ve been investing in both public and private equity and early-stage venture markets for over 25 years, both as a professional investor and as an angel. I’ve spent a long time on the other side of the table from our founders, so I know what venture investors look for and just as importantly, what turns them off. My common interest with VÖR is to see businesses set on a path that can deliver their founders’ long-term aspirations in a way that is first and foremost fair to them, as well as their external investors.

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