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Managed Operational Services


The all-important admin side of any business can be especially time-consuming and heavy on the detail; easily diverting a founder's focus from the core of their business.


Successful founders realise they do not need to do it all themselves. So we have developed the VÖR admin support service to make the lives of our founders easier, and their businesses more efficient.


Now you can easily and cost-effectively outsource your admin support function to a VÖR Executive Assistant or our administration team. Freeing you and your founding team to focus on the business growth, customer happiness and product development.

Based on the fact that the admin burden for every business can vary wildly, we have devised a range of VÖR admin support services - gold, silver and bronze packages - increasing in intensity of support.

Admin support services

Admin support services

All of our managed services can be drawn upon at different stages of your growth, and tailored to fit your requirements.

Our admin and EA support can include:

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Let our high calibre executive assistants take on the detail and the burden of your admin and office management requirements as your business grows.

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