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Data Management

The world's most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.


In the heat of the early stages of building a business, customers and revenue always take priority. Consequently maximising the potential of individual items of data can seem a 'nice-to-have'.

Data as an asset

It's critical to appreciate that data is actually one of a business's most important assets. Recording, storing, channelling and interrogating your data correctly is the only way to access it's true value.

We have been there; as your business grows you set up various technologies to manage your data - Shopify for inventory, Xero for your accounts, Hubspot for customer relationships, Asana for workflow,  a google sheet or three. The problem is that when critical data-driven decisions need to be taken the crucial data is all stored in isolation and cannot be interrogated cross-platform.

The central data pool as the solution

At VÖR, we believe one of the most important ways we can help clients is by realising the potential of data; enabling you to make decisions which will drive your growth.

Data management services

Data management services

We offer a range of data management support services. But for us the most important relates to creation of a Central Data Pool - essentially a data repository. Which means that with the right access authority, your team can make joined-up decisions based on all data across the business.

We achieve this BY EITHER:

Integrating existing data sources

Enabling the systems and platforms - be they physical or cloud-based - to speak to each other so that projects, products, profitability can all be analysed at a granular level from a Central Data Pool.


Developing a platform for your business

We could build the data files and software from scratch, so that all inputs, workflow and functionality meets your needs. This also means that such a platform will allow your business to easily scale-up, adding further software or databases without disruption.

GDPR compliance and the CENTRAL DATA POOL

It's worth noting that with many platforms the GDPR responsibilities fall to the customer, however through the development of a Central Data Pool for your business we can streamline your approach. Reducing your GDPR risks.

Our range of services include:

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In order to take full advantage of the unrivalled decision-making potential of your data it is vital that you treat that data as the valuable asset it is. Let the VÖR specialists help.

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