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Legal issues can be the stuff of nightmares for the founder of a growing business. Getting the right specialist advice and ensuring a robust legal basis to your business - all within budget is challenging.


The solution could be to outsource your legal function entirely to VÖR specialists.

From contracts to due diligence, data and cyber-law to litigation we will ensure timely and cost-effective access to expert legal advice. This will enable you and your founding team to confidently focus on the growth of your business, the happiness of your customers and the development of your product.

Legal support services

Legal support services

All of our legal services can be drawn upon when you need them at different stages of your growth.

We offer legal support across the following areas:

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We work in a joined-up way with all VÖR outsourced areas of your business to support your forward journey.  Furthermore, when the time is right for your business we will help build your in-house legal function; ensuring your transition to in-house legal counsel is a smooth one.

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