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Technology and Infrastructure Development

In the earliest days of a business taking the time to map out your long-term technology needs may seem unnecessary - even a little optimistic.


We have been there; as your business evolves you sign up to various technologies - Xero for accounts, Hubspot for customer relationships, a Google sheet or three.

The implications of lack of planning

However, as the demands on your technology and tech infrastructure grow, a lack of planning can cause serious problems.

The need to revise business critical technologies and their infrastructure in the midst of an important growth phase can lead to significant business disruption and eye-watering cost implications.


Our tech development team can help avoid this by creating a tailored and scalable technological infrastructure to support your growth.

Technology and Infrastructure Services

Technology and Infrastructure Services

Future-proof your business by outsourcing your technology planning and infrastructure development to VÖR.

Following a thorough mapping exercise the VÖR tech team will recommend the best approach to take to your data software and app requirements - either 'build' or 'adapt' - taking into account your future plans, efficiency considerations and cost-effectiveness.  

This can mean building from scratch a piece of software designed to better meet your specific needs, or adapting off-the-shelf software.

Our tech planning and development service will significantly streamline your use of tech, and the way in which you will manage your data. Freeing you and your founding team to focus on day-to-day operations, the development of your product and growth of your business.

Technology and infrastructure services

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Need help planning and developing your tech infrastructure?

When it is time to take tech development in-house, we will help you to do that; through recruitment, structure, strategy and make the transition as smooth as possible.

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