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Managed Operational Services


We have a range of operational finance specialists who can easily and efficiently handle the day-to-day operational needs of your business. Whilst VÖR can also support you strategically by providing CFO level support.


How we can help

Our VÖR finance specialists work with client businesses as part of their management team to help drive optimal growth. Our work covers a multitude of areas, but includes establishing and leading finance team and operations; developing the financial business plan; optimising the commercial and operating model; ongoing evolution of the strategic direction, as well as leading both capital raise and corporate finance activities.

We understand that most businesses will have a strong relationship with their accountant. We work to support enhance the work which your accountant does on a strategic basis and work to develop the overall finance function of the business.

If your business does not already have the operational support of an accountant, we have a range of VÖR vetted partners whom we can recommend.

How we can support you

When it is time to take your finance function entirely in-house, we will help you to do that; through recruitment, structure, strategy and make the transition as smooth as possible.

Finance support services

Finance support services

All of our managed services can be drawn upon at different stages of your growth, and tailored to fit your requirements.

Our finance support can include:

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Surround yourself with the best

We work in a joined-up way with all other areas of your business – sales, HR, admin, tech - to support your forward journey. This service is suitable for early-stage businesses from imminently pre-seed to series A and beyond. 

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