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Is the pursuit of sales taking up too much of your time? Are you finding the whole process difficult and frustrating? Is sales just not your area of expertise?


We understand that for many founders their passion for their business centres around the development and delivery of the idea, rather than the potentially challenging sales process.

The good news is we have people at VÖR who thrive on sales and business development. Why not outsource all of part of your sales process to our professional sales team?

How we support your sales process

From initial prospecting calls through to closing the deal. We can develop an efficient - and cost effective - sales pipeline for your business; staffed by experienced sales people who deliver results which propel your business forward.

Sales support services

Sales support services

All of our managed services can be drawn upon at different stages of your growth, and tailored to fit your requirements. We can either support you and your team in the sales process, or take the burden of sales entirely off your hands.

Our sales support services can include:

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Building your sales pipeline

We will work in a joined-up way with all other outsourced areas of your business – finance, legal, admin in ways relevant to stage of growth. When it is time to build an in-house sales function, we will help you to do that; through recruitment, structure, strategy and finally by make the transition as smooth as possible.

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