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Ilya Kazi

Ilya Kazi

IP Strategist and Patent Attorney
Intellectual property law and strategy
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Across my 30-year career in Intellectual Property (IP) I have handled thousands of European patent applications, oppositions and appeals for businesses at various stages of growth and levels of complexity.  

Although I have been repeatedly recognised as a global leading strategist, I don’t just strategise from an armchair but actually go on to execute cost-effective strategies; applying commercial savvy to untangle the most difficult of legal issues and ensure an effective IP presence. I am particularly experienced across telecoms, computing, AI, aerospace, automotive, energy and clean tech, medical devices and robotics.

IP is different for every business. The utmost care must be taken to ensure that this side of your business is watertight. A crack in your armour could take your business down, significantly devalue your asset or you may simply end up wasting money with little return.

IP in Europe

Without scaremongering, it is important that a business founder appreciates the extent to which patent litigation has grown in scope, even within the UK. With the recent advent of the Unitary Patent I can guarantee that Europe is going to become more of an IP battlefield, like the United States. The appreciation of the business value of intellectual property has grown and entities are more aware of the need to take it seriously.

There are 3 key situations in which I can support VÖR founders:

1. Start-ups with no IP protection in place - I work to develop a robust IP strategy to establish where best to focus potentially limited resources to ensure protection now, and added value on exit. This is not theoretical but can be delivered at sensible cost.

2. Businesses with some IP in place – but no known issues as yet – audit IP currently in place to fully assess the situation and identify any potential issues lurking in the future. Then recommend the swiftest and most effective route to optimising protection, defensive position and added asset value. A timely nudge in the right direction can often cost little and save lots.

3. Businesses with established IP or facing conflict regarding their IP - to support, defend or oppose IP challenges or get more value out of your portfolio. I will work to untangle the most complex legal issues which may be holding up your growth or help ensure your growing budget is most effectively directed.

In all circumstances my work with VÖR founders starts with a direct conversation through which I can assess your situation and advise on best next steps to protect your interests. If I see no holes or potential dangers lurking in your path, I will confirm this. If I do then I will recommend the most suitable action.

I am delighted to be working closely with VÖR’s founder-led businesses, to ensure that the strongest and most innovative ideas are able to reach their potential in the marketplace.

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