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Sarah Marshall

Sarah Marshall

Marketing and Brand Specialist
Strategic marketing, brand and ESG marketing
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Within VÖR, I am dedicated to the development of marketing and brand strategies which help turbo-charge the growth of our clients’ businesses.  We work with ambitious founders with impactful business ideas and a thirst for success.

Cut-through in a crowded market

In today’s over-crowded marketplace cut-through is not easy to achieve. Every business needs a strong marketing strategy, a compelling proposition and a brand which speaks directly to their target customers.  Time must be taken to ensure that marketing resources - both time and money - are focussed on the biggest opportunities to increase sales, drive engagement and grow as a business. At VÖR we have the marketing, brand, PR and digital expertise you need and we will work hard to get to know your market and business so we can deliver results.

ESG marketing strategy

Both as an individual and a marketer I am especially interested in the growth of sustainable marketing, linked to the Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) framework and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. ESG and the concept of business which creates both positive impact and profit too is gathering importance and momentum as each quarter goes by; I believe that there will be a time when no business or brand can meet the needs of the new generation of buyers without a robust ESG strategy which genuinely permeates their entire business.

I have spent more than 17 years building my marketing skills and developing my knowledge across businesses large and small. I have managed marketing on a shoestring, as well as directed 7-figure budgets; my belief is that the fundamentals of marketing are key no matter the size of your organisation.

I love working with high calibre, experienced and fun people and I have found this within the VÖR team.

My focus is on building strong brands. Brands which speak directly to their target market, through clever and effective marketing strategies; cutting through the noise to deliver business results.

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