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Grace Ong

Grace Ong

Founder Coach and Executive Coach
Founder coaching and team performance
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Within VÖR, I am dedicated to supporting the growth and development of our founders to meet the evolving needs and challenges of their business. 

Founder focussed support

Businesses demand a lot from founders, both personally and professionally; one wrong decision can send a business down the wrong path. And as they say, it’s lonely at the top – which isn’t necessarily the best scenario for getting it right first time. 

I am very much focussed on the individuals and teams behind the business. I act as a confidential and neutral sounding board to help founders make the right call, to find ways to overcome their challenges and meet the needs of their business, despite relative inexperience. 

Positive team dynamics and culture

Besides founder coaching, I work with both founding and executive teams to support positive dynamics and help build a positive culture. It is my strong belief that the success of businesses depends on the interplay between people, as well as the alignment of personal and business goals. 

I have spent over twenty years in multinationals, management consultancies with corporates and private equity firms, as well as in a venture capital backed start-up.

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